I’m a Student

The Red Frog Crew has a habit of hooking up university students all around South Africa. They do anything from connecting university students with local church communities when they move to a new city, to assisting students with sugar & caffeine when those assignment due dates hit! Having the Red Frog Crew on your campus creates many memories and fills your varsity with lots of fun.

To see the range of services & support that the Red Frog Crew can provide to your university, see below:

Hydration Stations (Chill-Out Zones)

Did someone say party? Red Frogs love to crash parties with the famous (FREE) Red Frog Hydration Station! The crew can come to your event and create a drug-free and alcohol-free chill-out zone in the heart of the party action. These zones are stationed close to the main dance area, providing water, pancakes, and red frogs to your party-goers. This ensures the re-hydration of students while they party, which is our primary harm-minimization strategy.

In Australia, we are now the largest support network to on-campus university parties. Along with the popularity of our service with students themselves, party organisers also appreciate what we do because we help minimize drug and alcohol-related incidents and thus help them provide a higher level duty of care to attendees.

The Red Frog Crew becomes your eyes and ears in the party for any potential critical situations or circumstances. Having the presence of sober students at parties also provides support for under-18-year-olds and other non-drinkers who may otherwise feel pressured to drink or be uncomfortable.

How To Book

Booking Red Frogs for your next event is easy and FREE. Simply email universities.za@redfrogs.com and a representative from your local city will shortly be in contact with you.

Cafe Crawls

The Red Frog Cafe Crawl is a more recent phenomenon that has proved extremely popular. The crawls are not only used as alternative events to pub crawls, but also stand alone as non-alcohol-related events in their own right. The Red Frog Cafe Crawl involves taking students to some of the best local cafe hotspots where they will consume plenty of tea, chai, hot chocolate, and coffee for a night of sugar and caffeine highs, resulting in no sleep and veins popping out of students foreheads!

Not only do students have a great night, but they also get a chance to get familiar with local cafes rather than the pubs and clubs. To organise a cafe crawl for your college, email universities.za@redfrogs.com.

Things to note for cafe crawls:

  • Groups of 20-30 are recommended (if you have larger numbers we may be able to work around this depending on location).
  • Please give us a minimum of two weeks notice so that we have sufficient time to organise logistics and venues.

Non-alcohol events

Non-alcohol events and programming support are sought by many student committees all around South Africa. Red Frogs works with student clubs to suggest ideas for non-alcoholic social events and activities to run in their varsities throughout the year, also looking at how they can add value to these events and offer support during events to ensure they are successful.

With the right ideas, alcohol free events can be as – if not more – popular than traditional events. They facilitate incorporation of international, under-age, and non-drinking students into the wider college community, and can also attract sponsorship and lessen the risk placed on organisers.

Email universities.za@redfrogs.com to get them in to go over your events program, brainstorm some different non-alcohol events, and also to ensure they are the most talked about events for the whole year!

Hints and Tips For Running Non-Alcohol Events

Here are some tips that we have found when running alternative events that do not contain alcohol:

●    If student club leaders & residential advisors back the event enthusiastically and encourage participation, the rest of your college will be psyched for it too. Talk up non-alcohol events and set an expectation of awesomeness.

●    The focus of alcohol must be shifted to something else. Centre your events around food or activities so no one notices the lack of booze.

●    Get sponsorship for non-alcohol events. Your head of college or university may be keen to sponsor the event to encourage alcohol-free events at your college. Government departments in charge of liquor licensing and health also often get on board to promote non-alcohol events.

●    Give your Red Frog rep a call! We can help organise events, or send a team of volunteers to help out at your sports event, or just pop up where you need some extra hands.  Just ask us and we’ll see what we can do for you!