Red Frogs Support Network began in Australia in 1997. Red Frogs moved into university culture in 2002 and supports students across 24 universities in Australia. Now, the Red Frog University Program also has an international presence, operating in South Africa, New Zealand, France, Wales, England, Scotland, Canada, and Poland.

In South Africa, Red Frogs Support Network is currently up and running at the University of Cape Town, and there have been Red Frogs sightings at Wits and UJ.

The Red Frog Crew spends most of its time hanging out with students during O-Week. Then, throughout the semester you will see them at hydration stations at parties, cooking pancakes, running cafe crawls, and doing many other random acts to help support university students during their studies.

If you would like to find out more about Red Frogs or would like them in your University, then email universities.za@redfrogs.com or call the Red Frog Hotline on 076 RED FROG.

“First hand I have seen the benefits of the Red Frogs and I believe they are making a massive difference in reducing binge drinking. Through simple activities like setting drink stations and the handing out of free lollies and iceblocks they are promoting responsible drinking, and are helping prevent some people from having a huge binge which may result in dire consequences for the individual. Additionally be holding regular non-alcoholic events they are getting the message across that to have a good and time you do not need be drinking alcohol and getting blind drunk.” – Charles Sturt University, New South Wales, Australia

 “We are fully supportive of the work that Red Frogs does on behalf of university students and would be very keen to have you back for training and support in the future.”  University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand