Grade 10/11 Party Safe Seminars

Grade 10 and 11 students will be:

  • Made aware of alcohol and drug abuse inherent in party culture, and the signs and strategies for dealing with depression.
  • Informed about how to effectively handle friendships and relationships in the senior years.
  • Given suggestions about alternative safe locations for their Matric holiday.

Running Time: 1 hour (this can be flexible)

Cost: The Red Frogs Grade 10/11 Seminar costs R500 for a 1 hour session. Please note, although Red Frogs is a non-profit program and relies heavily on donations, our goal is to educate as many young people as possible and therefore if budget is an issue, please do not hesitate to discuss this with us.

Students: It is preferable to conduct the seminar to an entire year level at once. Seminars have been presented to student numbers varying from 20—500 students.

Equipment & Facilities: We would appreciate it if the seminar could be held in an area where students are comfortable and where there is access to a computer / DVD player, a data projector and use of a sound amplification system. However, presenters can bring their own laptops if necessary.

1. Choose a suitable date and time for your seminar.
2. Email or phone Red Frogs on 076 RED FROGS to make a booking.
3. Red Frogs will send you a confirmation and invoice your school the week of the seminar.