Red Frogs offers Matric Seminars, targeted specifically at school-leavers, and informs students about what really goes on during Matric holidays, arming them with the information and advice they need to make wise choices during their celebrations.

Each seminar is presented by an enthusiastic and experienced local Red Frogs representative, who is able to empathise with students, while unafraid to highlight the realities of teenage life.

“The topics you raised were pertinent and the girls certainly got the message that they need to look after each other. I think you did a great job in bringing awareness of how to have a great vac. Thanks for serving our girls and all the Matrics that will head south for the party of all parties.”
– Ms Rimmer, St Mary’s School, Johannesburg, South Africa

“These seminars have been informative, engaging and have been greatly appreciated by the students. The use of anecdotal accounts from previous experiences has certainly allowed the boys to realize the importance of making informed decisions during this time. The presenters in no way glorify Matric holiday but seek to educate young people about some of the dangers and how to set appropriate boundaries.”
– Rev Graham Cole, Chaplain, Brisbane Boys College, Australia

The meeting was great, you really connected well with the girls and they actually listened to what you were saying. The ideas were really practical and I certainly feel more comfortable knowing that you are there for us.”
– Kerri-Ann,  St Mary’s School, Johannesburg, South Africa

“I think the Matric holiday week presentation was the BEST I’ve had all year. The Red Frogs presentation should visit all schools across Australia so that all the dangers of going on Matric holiday are eradicated for the future…”
– Vinh, Iona College, Brisbane, Australia