I’m an Event Organiser

Red Frogs aims to  be a positive presence in the party culture, and by having us free of charge at your event, we can assist with your harm minimisation strategies.

Many music festival and party-goers are between the ages of 18-24 years old, and have encountered the Red Frogs Crew frequently at Matric Holidays, Varsity ‘O weeks’ and various music events for over 5 years.  The Red Frog Crew is known by a high percentage of South African youth and young adults as a fun and safe party support service.

Red Frogs supply volunteers to festivals and events with a “hydration station” which aims to support security, ambulance staff, and event organisers.

Primarily what we provide is a friendly first point of contact for attendees, and our subsequent referral to other event services if necessary. Additionally, we provide an extra set of eyes in the crowd that ultimately makes the job of Event Staff, Security, First Aid Providers and Personnel more focused.

Other services we can provide include:

  • Monitoring safety and comfort of patronage – non-invasive roving patrols maintaining chill out space, keeping crowds stable, etc.
  • Provide hourly reporting to event managing staff regarding crowd mood, site issues and crowd comfort.
  •  Distribution of items such as Red Frogs, water, pancakes etc. We can also assist in managing free water stations as per the promoter’s needs.
  • Friendly interaction with event-goers.
  • Record keeping of all harm minimisation referrals.

Like with every aspect of Red Frogs, its the friendly, energetic and well-trained volunteers that make all the difference. With good coverage and density at parties and events, the Red Frog Crew are able to provide real time feedback to promoters ensuring the comfort and safety of the patronage.

The Red Frog Crew is made up of a network of volunteers with a broad range of skills, from first-aiders to social workers and mental health workers. The average age range of our volunteer base is 20 – 30yrs old, and they’re able to provide relevant and appropriate emotional support to the young people at events and festivals.

Email festivals.za@redfrogs.com to arrange for the Red Frog Crew to be at your event.

“Red Frogs are awesome! Last year I was here and I had no money for water, and I had to get a kidney injection because I had no water. This you year, you guys saved me with all the free water.” – Lisa, Oppikoppie 2011