I’m a Festival-goer

Which festivals are Red Frogs at?
To find out if Red Frogs is going to be at your favourite festival, email: festivals.sa@redfrogs.com

  •  2012 – OPPIKOPPIE

 If you’re a fan of Oppikoppie, you’ll be sure to see the Red Frog Crew there this year. After a long night of partying you can chill out at the Red Frogs Hydration Station, grabbing some pancakes, coffee or water to recuperate.

The Red Frog Crew will be around to help with any concerns/issues you may have, whether it’s a bleeding foot or finding your missing mates. Make sure you look out for the Red Frogs Marquee!

“Red Frogs are awesome! Last year I was here and I had no money for water, and I had to get a kidney injection because of dehydration. This year, you guys saved me with all the free water.” – Lisa, Oppikoppie 2011