Festivals and Events

Did someone say the great outdoors, dirty feet and awesome bands?
Red Frogs love to party at festivals with the famous (FREE) Red Frog Hydration Station!

The Red Frogs can come to your event and create a drug-free and alcohol-free chill-out zone in the heart of the party action. These zones provide water, pancakes, and Allen’s red frogs* to your party-goers, proactively provide water for the revellers, which is our primary harm-minimisation strategy.

 * Allen’s red frogs – the chewy, red, gummy frog-shaped sweet from Aus that people go crazy for!

The Red Frog Crew also becomes your eyes and ears in the party for any potential critical situations or circumstances. Having the presence of sober young people at events and festivals also provides support  to attendees, acting as an intermediary between the party-goers and other service providers (e.g. Security and First Aid providers).

Along with the popularity of our service with young people themselves, party organisers also appreciate what we do because we help minimize drug and alcohol-related incidents and thus help them provide a higher level duty of care to attendees.