Who are Red Frogs?

Red Frogs is an internationally recognized support network that started in Australia in 1997, that aims to be a positive presence in the partying environment. We have officially been running in South Africa since 2009, and you can find our Red Frog Crew of volunteers at Matric holidays, universities and festivals around the country.

The Red Frog Crew is most well-known assisting party-goers by walking young people home, cooking pancakes, handing out Allen’s Red Frogs* , and most importantly, offering emotional support through what can often be a challenging season of life.

By helping young people to make positive and informed choices in the partying culture, Red Frogs is safeguarding the next generation of South African young people.

 * Allen’s Red Frogs – the chewy, red, gummy frog-shaped sweet from Aus that matrics go crazy for!